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Please read through the rules carefully. If you still don't get it, read it again and then PM a moderator/administrator if you're still unsure. We want everyone to be able to have fun without having to get a warning from us.

We welcome everyone to our forum but to keep the place up and running with active members is the key. So please be
around from time to time to keep up with SHINeeloveSG's forum.

Please post or reply in English since this is an English-based forum. Unless it's an article/tweet/text you wish to have
someone to help you to translate it. Otherwise, please do avoid posting in other languages unless you are able to
provide a translation ALONG with the content then it will be fine as long as we're able to understand.

ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON. Please do not create multiple accounts! Once you have registered, you have to keep
that username. If we found out that you have created more than one, we will not hesitate to delete the rest and you will
only get to keep the first one. If you happen to have made a mistake when registering (username typo mainly), please PM
any one of the admins and tell them about it.

NO BASHING. No bashing of SHINee or other artistes. We're all here for our boys and and to show our love. If
you're unhappy with anything, do it somewhere else but NOT here. Thank you. This is a friendly forum where we all wish
that everyone gets along well here. The same goes for the forum members; do NOT create drama with anyone else. If
you have a comments with a certain member, please PM anyone from moderating team. If you don't want to do that,
please carry out your "drama" elsewhere, or else we'll just have to remove you and the person involved.

NO SPAMMING. We do want this forum to be fun for everyone but please keep spamming to a minimum. Each post
shall consist of a minimum of 10 words. It's hard to work this forum out so do avoid spamming. Spamming also includes
emoticon only replies or one-liner replies; try to reply with more than just the usual phrases (Example: OMG He is the
cutest guy ever, every time I see a picture of him I go crazy *screams* I can't imagine it when I get to meet him live!!).
If you have a lot to chat with a particular member, please continue your conversation with another member through PM.
Thank you.

NO EXPLICIT LANGUAGE. There are members of various age groups here. Don't be a bad influence to them. You will
be warned if we see you typing with such languages.

NO PORNOGRAPHIC IMAGES/SEXUALLY EXPLICIT MATERIAL/NUDITY. There are members of all ages here, so let's
respect that. This is a SHINee fanbase, not a place for you to post such stuffs. Anyone found to be posting such images
will be removed without warning, meaning: Immediately.

DO NOT POST DUPLICATED TOPICS. Please make sure the topic you're about to start hasn't been made already. Go
through the thread you're viewing and make sure that it hasn't been made by another member. If you accidentally post
the topic, please PM any moderator right away.

NO HOTLINKING. Absolutely no hotlinking any of our translation templates. We would like the news to be always
there and nicely seen to everyone. Please be kind and upload them to another server (ImageShack, TinyPic, and

CREDIT IS A MUST. Please credit us properly if you're getting anything out like translations, news articles, and any
thing else. Also credit where your news/articles/content comes from. Do not create any rumors or anything else that will
just create a bigger controversy among other members. We put in the credits at the bottom of EVERY post.

TAG PROPERLY. When starting a topic, tag your topics PROPERLY. Each forum has its own rules. Read them first. All
tags must be in according to what is stated in each forum.

READ PINNED TOPICS. Self-explanatory. The pinned topics are pinned for a reason. Please read them thoroughly
before posting at the subforum/thread you're in. They include rules that are made for the particular area you're viewing.

REMOVE ALL TAGS. When quoting images, youtube vids, or any other medias, you must REMOVE ALL TAGS or it will
be considered as spamming. It also takes up too much space.


The maximum size (dimensions) for an avatar is 150x200 Pixels and size that does not exceed 50kb. Of course, .GIFs are allowed to be your avatar as long as you don't exceed the size. This is a friendly forum so please keep your avatar rated G/PG. Do not try to do anything funny (which includes explicit language, nudity, and the likes) to your avatar or else you'll be warned/removed.

-> Maximum of THREE banners and FOUR lines of text.
-> Maximum of THREE icons. (only IF you're not using banner(s)/blinkie(s))
-> Maximum of SIX lines of text (only IF you're not using banners/blinkies/icons)
-> Maximum size of your banners would be 400x150 and 125kb. Do not exceed the size!
-> No advertisement of forums/sites in your signatures.

Equivalence: 1 banner = 1 blinkie = 2 icons

Please do not have any explicit language in your personal profile. Please try NOT to do that at any cost. This is a family friendly forum so please keep it clean. If your profile contains anything inappropriate, you will be warned and the offending material will be deleted immediately.

If found violating these rules, you're going to be warned. First is through PM. If caught violating it repeatedly, greater punishment will be given.

- These rules are subject to change and additional rules may be added in the future.

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